Educating For a Resilient

Future Through Design

Resilient communities are able to endure both chronic stressors and acute shocks of climate change, disaster, poverty and conflict.

The political, spatial, economic and social dimensions of built environments create contextually unique and interconnected problems that require transdisciplinary thinking.

Future university graduates must be equipped with integrated knowledge and the ability to envision and bring to fruition solutions that encompass all aspects of community urban resilience.

This project aims to explore and develop transdisciplinary frameworks for resilient design education targeting university students across a range of study areas.
We're hosting a collaborative Online Conversation on 28th January 2021 with partners from universities and industry around the world.


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This project targets a significant gap in education for resilience as well as the need for accessible and transferable content and learning experiences that can be used in perpetuity.

Additionally, the project will enable ongoing collaboration between academic staff and university students that is:


It is our aim to develop student-centred, interactive, hybrid and flexible pedagogies that include a range of onground and online modes.

Critically, the framework developed will assist in the development of curricula that are transferable beyond the proposed workshop.

We aim to promote resilience-thinking required to navigate uncertain futures across a variety contexts worldwide.

This project is envisaged as the foundational stage of ongoing collaboration through the education of the next generation of university graduates.