We are educating for a resilient future through design.

We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, global collective striving to help those entrusted with the teaching of community resilience - we offer open access resources that are pedagogically rigorous and based upon current thoughts in Higher Education. We aim to help you deliver community resilience contextualised in your practice, your way, for your learners. We aim to build a 'community of practice for community resilience'

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A Community of Research

We aim to promote resilience-thinking required to navigate uncertain futures across a variety of contexts worldwide through the development of multiple learning and teaching resources.

research papers

Research Papers

Our international community is creating and sharing the latest in community resilience research and practice from around the world.

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virtual events

Virtual Events

We regularly host workshops, webinars and networking events, bringing together a global collective of people interested in community resilience.

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blended learning content

Learning Content

Providing a range of engaging pedagogical resources, we can support curricula development in community resilience.

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learning for resilience networ

Learning Network

Our Learning for Resilience Network brings together practitioners, academics and community members from across the world who are interested in collaborating to improve knowledge and practice in community resilience.

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In support of developing our education for community resilience, we have published rigorous research in peer-reviewed journals. We asked fundamental questions before starting the journey such as 'what literature supports resilience education?', 'Does a common language exist for resilience?' & 'How to deliver community resilience'

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Curriculum is the content, lessons, and structured resources that enable learners to develop skills and mastery of a subject area. Here we focus on the design of inspiring, contextually rich, transdisciplinary based scenarios that bring the outside world into the classroom.

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It is essential to consider the Pedagogy, in other words how learning happens. Carefully crafting the learning experience through design should place the learner at the centre of the educational offering for community resilience. Adopting a design education approach, we value the role of experiential learning, collaboration, critically-engaged practice and reflection.

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Current Organisations Involved

  • Heriot-Watt University

    Heriot-Watt University

  • University of Lagos

    University of Lagos

  • University of Queensland

    University of Queensland

  • University of Sydney

    University of Sydney

  • STADIO Higher Education

    STADIO Higher Education

    South Africa
  • University of Waikato

    University of Waikato

    New Zealand

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