Exploring the who, what and where of resilience

We know that communities are diverse. Even the word 'community' is understood and appropriated in different ways - we have place-based communities, discipline-based communities, communities of practice, communities built around cultures, faiths and history. What does it mean to be a resilient community? Are there common features, attributes or models of resilient communities that transcend these different, and often ambiguous definitions of community?

The first academic paper generated by the this project is a review of the literature, exploring the who (who creates resilience and who is it for), the what (how disciplines define resilience), the when (time periods for practically applying resilience), the where (locations can scales for applying resilience), the why (the importance of resilience across disciplines), and the how (methods of measuring, quantifying, or applying resilience). 

The review has been completed by a diverse team of international academics representing the disciplines of architecture, engineering, design, planning, and construction and spans across Oceania, Africa, and the UK. Publication is forthcoming.


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