A first-hand lesson in resilience

A first-hand lesson in resilience
As a project interested in researching resilience, we quickly found ourselves having to be resilient ourselves. We're a disparate international group, and early in the project had planned a face to face week of workshops to plan our activities. We also tentatively planned to host workshops for other interested scholars and practitioners. The trip was to be hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, however COVID-19 soon became part of our daily lives and we each experienced significant restrictions to our travel.

Much like the rest of the world, we instead pivoted and adapted to the situation and decided to meet online. We hosted a Learning for Resilience Conversation, an online workshop split over two timezones. Recognising that time was our biggest challenge, we held the first session in Australian Eastern Standard Time and the second in Greenwich Mean Time, with a hand-over in between. The workshops were well attended and the model of engagement, facilitated by a shared Miro board across the two groups, enabled us to build on conversations and create a strong sense of community of interest.

One of the most important learnings to emerge from the experience was that our response to change, our resilient adaptation, does not automatically become secondary or inferior to our initial plans. In this instance, the workshop proved to be much more engaging than we could have hoped, with a far extended reach across the globe. 



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